About this site

This site does not do any tracking of any sort. If you feel the urge that you must react to any of my posts you can do so by reacting in dev.to where I cross post my entries here. If for some reason something possesses you to give me money, you can do so in ko-fi.

Who Am I?

Hi! My name is Ken.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! In this site you'll be able to read my notes. I write about the things that I've learned, they're usually for personal consumption but when I think someone else can benefit from them I cross post them to dev.to

What I do

I'm a programmer. Professionally, I've helped built web applications. I have experience writing code in Haskell, Purescript, OCaml/bucklescript, C#/dotnet, Typescript, Javascript, SQL, and a little bit of Java.

My skills range from building user interfaces, designing and implementing web APIs, designing and implementing relational database schemas. I've implemented user interfaces using react, angular, vue, halogen, and react-basic-hooks. When it comes to web APIs, I've implemented them using c#/dotnet, express, servant, and yesod. In the data layer, I've used mongodb, firebase, MSSQL, and PostgreSQL.

Current Interests

I think my interest in learning more about functional programming won't die anytime soon. I'm always on the look out for application patterns and techniques.

Another thing that peaked my interest lately is Rust. I'm still not sure what exactly I'll be doing with it, maybe game development? game menus? shaders? native applications? database tools like flyway and liquibase? operating system? I haven't narrowed anything down and I'm not rushing to build anything right now because I'm still working my way through the rust book. I have no clue how it's going to progress and that gets me excited!


Taezos is my little org with me as the sole member! It's also a site where I host my repos.


Currently working for Plus Consulting